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If Data Is Gold – Social Media UBI

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If data is gold, then Mark Zuckerberg should pay every fbook user a monthly stipend base on their usage of the platform. A Social Media UBI, or Universal Basic Income.

It’s time to start thinking of the big picture, and allowing for a more flexible and fair solution to major issues pertaining to a world that grows exponentially in the data direction. The trillions of dollars made from user participation, engagement, and content generation could in an instant be put to ethical and positive use. The old way is to leverage antiquated systems that drained the earth of dinosaur blood for the production of oil, the old gold. The new way would be a virtual layer seamlessly connected to an existing database, that converts a user’s activity on the platform into a monetary value which is then stored in the user’s account. The user account could be connected to a crypto wallet or exchange for flexible and secure transactions. Blockchain technology will create the bridge which merges the old way and the new. Perhaps a GraphQL implementation over the existing fbook data model would be the simplest solution from their point of view. Imagine adding a property to your existing user profile object, that had a usage compensation value attached to it?

I’ve heard of Digital Dignity before and I believe, this is the way.