Fine Art Discipline Creating With A Digital Palette

I come from a family of painters and crafty individuals. It’s in my blood to paint, draw, sculpt, and use my hands to bring ideas to life. After I graduated high school, I went on quite a journey across the country. Fortunate to study at a few different schools during a two year period, I learned some valuable lessons. After a year living in Santa Fe, New Mexico I found myself in Art School, back in Connecticut where I’m from. I spent three years at the Connecticut Institute of Art, and learned how to bend light with a handmade pencil. It was here that I discovered the tools to draw and paint. It was here that I also became familiar with web design and some of the foundation principles that I still use today in my front-end development work. It wasn’t a computer science degree by any means, but from a creative perspective I was being introduced to technology that would keep me intrigued, and excited to develop within a digital environment.

A Love For Music Fueled By Abundant Inspiration

Techture was a name I made up quite a long time ago, to help explain the merging of my passion for technology and nature. It’s the name I use for my music productions. It’s also an idea that holds tremendous meaning for the path I’m on. I’ve been at this for quite some time now. From the early days of analog tape, bouncing tracks on a Tascam 4-Track recorder, and lots of hardware to now, where I’m using a few special tools(Maschine/Ableton to name a few) to bring my ideas to life. I remember learning about the software Reason and becoming obsessed with making music on a computer. I found the ease and speed of creating sounds and beats mesmerizing. The depth you could go into one single sound made me feel like some kind of sonic explorer. The process of tinkering, layering and editing something into a song was so new and organic. It was total freedom. No matter what was happening around me, I could disappear into the music. Turn on the machine, tap into something technical and create. There was no wrong thing to do. No rules in this game. Every module, knob, button, and graph could be manipulated.

I used to play this game as a kid where I’d count the layers I could hear in a song. Every song was a different game and after playing a while, I started reconstructing the layers in my head, in real time, but with a new harmony or beat pattern. I was remixing in my head. I guess you could say that’s where my love for making music stems from. That first playful experience with sound and how it made me feel. It was and is to this day, so integral to my life. It’s my oxygen.

Playing what feels right helps for a healthy workflow and these days I’m inspired by so many different things. Learning about new musicians, experiences with my lady Frankie and our dog Elektra and going to these epic parties in the NYC Underground music scene. There’s so much inspiration to draw from.

I listen to a wide spectrum of music, keeping a constant rotation of different genres in the daily playlist. From drum n’ bass to classical there’s a constant stream of quality material helping to keep my ears sharp and the spirit grounded. Yeh, I’m kind of a hippy at heart. I mean come on, I play a didgeridoo.

My current setup includes the Akai APC-40, Maschine 2.0 controller, and various keyboards running through Ableton Live. I choose Ableton as my main DAW because of its supreme versatility. There’s simply no other program that can work as intuitively and efficiently as Live. The incorporation of the Maschine hardware into my workflow has been an incredible experience. From the ultra high quality sounds and samples, to the midi batch functionality, I’m finding that each time I sit to experiment or create, I’m pushing new boundaries with an effortless flow.

I keep the dancefloor in mind, as well as the long car ride when producing music. Translating my experience through these sounds is my way of inspiring you to dig deep and create something of your own. Whatever it is, may the music fuel your soul.

My passion for creating music has brought me together with an extremely talented group of individuals, I like to call my brothers. Chris Mariner(guitar), Ed Zang(keys and trombone), Eric Tran(on the DJ assault) and myself on beats and buttons. We’re called MAKr and we perform live electronic music. Our style is a mix of written and improvised material, that weaves in and out of the moment.

Learning By Practice, Giving By Teaching

Learning never ends, and in a world where technology changes exponentially, there’s always a project to work on or a puzzle to solve. New York city is an incredible place to create and it’s easy to be immersed in its many environments. Fresh ideas are born daily from adventurous minds, converging to share the unique vision of the day.

“Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft”
–Mary Schmich

I’ve traveled across this beautiful country and was fortunate to study at a few different schools. I honed in on something of my own and began learning what I wanted to do. I lived close to some beautiful communities and picked up a few interesting skill-sets along the way. Trained Muay Thai in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Performed an original score on stage for the Collaboration Dance and Music festival, at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Lived in Lake Tahoe for a year and took advantage of almost every outdoor activity possible, logging 165 days of snowboarding. Played live PA’s and spun DJ sets for the San Francisco and NYC underground music community. I’ve been lucky to live on both the east and west coast, but feel most at home here in NYC. While my story continues to be written, I’ll be feeding this site with its content for you to experience. Maybe you’ve got a story you’d like to share with me?