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What are your gifts?

How do you recognize them? What lessons can be learned from simply introducing this idea into the mind, and also the heart, two very special gifts. Perhaps thinking about the merging of mind and heart itself is the lesson. To be mindful of mind and heart is a good start, but can we make this […]

Weather Forecaster App

This app uses the OpenWeather api to show current, hourly, and daily weather for a given city. This was a good challenge, in that I had to figure out how to first convert the city into a latitude and longitude, that I use in a second api call to fetch the requested weather data. What […]

Drum Machine

This started out as a fun experiment to control animation with audio inputs. I first learned how to make the drum sampler, then the custom video player, and that’s when the two became one. I plan to scale this up in the next few months, as a medium to share my music and art in […]